Coronavirus (COVID-19) teaches us a tough, but much needed lesson

We may have known rationally that radical change is required to meet the challenges that we face collectively in the world today. But did we feel it too? The lack of action of most people, companies and government says it all. Too little, too slowly. Climate change, growing social inequality and depleted resources are all the result of years of focus on infinite growth without taking into account the impact on humans, animals and the planet.

Neo-liberalism, which originated in the 1980s of Margaret Tatcher, has created a masculine culture built on values ​​such as domination, assertiveness and striving for financial success. This system, which focuses on the individual, creates the illusion that growth is endless, profit the ultimate goal and competitive advantage the way to achieve this.

However, the challenges we face require holistic solutions. Intuitive thinking and unifying action are necessary to restore balance in a cruelly disturbed world. The enormous refugee flows, terrorism and the consequences of climate change have already shown us that individualism is an illusion. But for most people in the West, these events were not experienced on a personal level. The government took action to supposedly control these complex problems with simple measures, which reassured most people.

But then there was the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For the first time, it is very clear that not all problems can be kept out. Western society is built on masculine thinking, which finds solutions to protect its own interests at the expense of others. But the crisis we are now facing makes it clear that this system no longer works, even for those who have power.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) does not discriminate, but follows the laws of nature. However confronting this may be for those who are sick or old. While we can’t keep the virus out, we can fight it. Not by discriminating against Asian people or emptying supermarkets, but by working together.

The virus can only be fought if everyone cooperates. We all have the same goal and we all have the same means. And that is exactly the way we should approach all crises. In harmony with each other and nature. Because the crises that may be less tangible now are much more dangerous. Coronavirus (COVID-19) teaches us a lesson. A tough, but a much needed one.
Words by Nadine Ridder / Photo by McKenna Phillips (@ellobeastie)

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