Fast fashion is so last season

Ella Overkleeft is founder of No Sheep Allowed, (NSA), an open collective of engaged citizens who believe in the power of creativity in activism. We had a chat about The Anti Fast Fashion Event NSA is hosting in collaboration with activist and creative Jill Mathon tomorrow at Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Hi Ella, Dam Square has been the stage to many different forms of protest lately. What is happening tomorrow and why should we be there?

To kick of International Fashion Revolution Week we will be hosting the Anti Fast Fashion Show, an action to give people an alternative for fast fashion. Our goal is not to sell clothing but to promote consuming consciously: buy nothing, buy less and buy sustainable if possible.

Why the Dam Square?

It is our main goal to reach the shopping audience in their natural shopping environment, so what place is more relevant than the square that leads up to the Kalverstraat, the largest shopping street in the country with many fast fashion stores.

Why do you think this specific topic requires the consumer’s attention?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We buy way too much and too frequently. Clothing items have become disposable goods and many people are unaware of the impact of their shopping behaviour. Big corporates spend millions in advertising to normalize the ‘shop till you drop’ attitude and behaviour. We feel the urgency to share the downside of this excessive consuming behaviour, raise awareness for the environmental and social impact. More importantly, this fashion show is a tool to show the audience there are alternatives which are both sustainable and fashionable, for every budget. Second hand and vintage clothing is a thing in the hipster scene but does not seem to reach a broader audience. It is our aim to shift the perception of worn wear from being dirty and smelly to being fresh and sexy by showing how cool it can be for everyone. This way we believe worn clothing can become mainstream and disposable clothes the exception.

So what can we expect if we drop by on Saturday?

The Anti Fast Fashion Show is an interactive fashion show hosted by Lize Korpershoek. Who gets there early may be able to score one of the popular front row seats and for the brave people out there is the opportunity to get a sustainable fashion makeover and join our fabulous models on the catwalk. Expect music, dancers, entertainment and a lot of positivity. We’re not here to judge people, we’re here to show alternatives. Getting to serious or judgemental is not bringing us closer to the right audience. This show is open to all, both Primark fans and sustainability gurus are welcome.

Can we get any updates on the event?

Yes follow us on Insta for live updates and attend our Facebook event. And don’t forget to bring your friends!

The Anti Fast Fashion Show

Saturday April 20 2019
2PM - 4PM
Dam Square Amsterdam

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