It is you that owes the world. A lot.

I believe companies that really want change need to get their priorities right and move from benefiting shareholders to adding value for consumers, employees, environment, society…. and shareholders.

Together we create the world we live in, so we should all take responsibility. As consumers, as employees, as CEO’s, as politicians, as opinion makers. The first step is to understand and recognise that climate change, growing inequality and political instability is an issue of all of us.

So if we want to contribute, we must change the way we work radically. We have to stop competing and start collaborating. You only win if everyone wins.

Is it that simple? yes. But is it easy? No.

Does it take time? Yes. Do you have that time? No.

The new generation (gen-Z) has no patience for your struggles. Quite the opposite actually.

They have moved on from cleaning up your mess to building a new world in which there is no place for companies who do not reflect their mindset. Even though it is understandable change takes time, it does not matter anymore. The world does not owe you anything. It is you that owes the world. A lot.

Start doing things differently instead of saying things differently. If your goal is profit, then your purpose is exactly that. It doesn’t matter what you say, because your actions speak louder.

It doesn’t mean you cannot make profit. You should. Capital and succes is required to make change happen. Just make sure that your goal is something that suits your brand and people can relate to. As consumers, as employees and as shareholders. As human beings. Then profit will become the means and no longer the goal.

Use all your means to be that shining example. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Purpose driven work is complex and challenging. It means you have to be truthful, vulnerable and work your ass off to do the best you can to contribute towards positive change.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, keep doing what you’re doing. And enjoy it, because it won’t last that long.

Words by Nadine Ridder / Photo by Humphrey Muleba

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